Sales - Service - Growth

You'll like the way we work, because we work harder, through face-to-face selling, regular follow-up, promotional programs, telemarketing, quarterly newsletters and in depth marketing services. Regular instructional sales meetings, which include our principals and all sales people, are held twice a year. Our goal is to help bring our mutual factories and customers together to be successful.

And even if our philosophy seems old-fashioned, our sales staff is completely computerized and up-to-date on all new techniques, equipment and technology, including wireless E-mail, smart phones and other modern sales tools & techniques.

It's not how many states you cover, but how many people you have covering those states that really counts. You can cover half of the country, but if you only do it with 6 or 8 people, then ask yourself how well is it really being covered.? We focus on quality of call in a smaller area as opposed to trying to cover a large territory with few people.
Sales-So you want to get new business and new customers? What are you doing to get them? You need the right people for the job and you’re looking at them right now.

Marketing Support-Getting the order is just the beginning and that is when the real work begins. We know that and that is why we work closely to make sure that we do training, spiffs and flyers and or anything else we can to help get your line off the ground with our prospective accounts. That includes ad layout and turn key support to ensure that your products get up on the web faster at our accounts.

Relationships-Don’t kid yourself and think that they don’t count anymore. Yes, it’s not like the good old days but they are still very important and we work hard at making sure we have them where we need them, so we can pull the trigger when it’s time to get the order!

Follow up-You can make all of the sales calls and presentations in the world but if you don’t follow up and through you’ll never make the sale in todays tough environment. We make sure that the follow up gets done and we’ll make sure we communicate with you to ensure it gets done!

Jobber Calls-We make 150-200 of them every month, no kidding and no games. We are in front of our customers and their customers helping to pull the product off of the shelves! We show off new items, drop off literature, train and educate them to be more effective at selling your products.

Jobber Call Reporting - We have developed our own jobber call reporting system known as JOB. Each of our salesman are equipped with iPads. When they finish with a jobber call, they can enter the call information before they even leave the customers parking lot. This insures no important information or notes are lost. Each evening the system automatically places orders for catalogs, displays or other promotional and or marketing materials based on the information entered for the jobber calls made that day and entered into the JOB system. At the end of each week, month or quarter we can then generate a custom report to give to either the vendors or customers.

Making it work-It takes more than just a few good salesman to make everything work well at any company and that is no different here. That is why we have focused leadership with the experience to make sure that everyone stays in step together. We have a staffed office and provide the proper support to ensure that our team functions as a team. We help each other out at customer trade shows and events and support each other to ensure our mutual success!
Bottom Line-Bowdoin Marketing has continued to grow consistently each year by remembering to keep the goals of both manufacturer and customer in mind each day. Our sales team gives you the best account coverage and penetration in the marketplace. If you’re looking for the best in our territory and you’re reading this right now, then pick up the phone and call us!