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Our Team

We have built a sales team that has experience and youthful enthusiasm in order to smoothly transition into the 21st century.

Key people are in place to handle special accounts as well as account managers who can handle a broad spectrum of customers.

Jeff Bowdoin
In addition to his duties as the Sales Manager and President, Jeff calls on key accounts such as Meyer Distributing, Balkamp, VSI, Motor State, Sunrise, and Motovicity. Jeff has over 30 years of experience in both the rep business and manufacturing. Jeff is also in constant contact with the sales team insuring that follow up and communication between the vendors, customers and our sales team gets accomplished in a timely fashion.

Brian Breslin
Brian Breslin is a principal in the agency and handles key accounts like Summit Racing Equipment, Jeg's, and 4 Wheel Drive Hardware. Brian has over 25 years of experience in the industry and works with Jeff and the team helping to develop our vendor and customer relationships.

Bob Jacobs
Bob has been a rep for over 35 years calling on some of our key accounts such as Meyer Distributing and Jegs. Recently Bob has taken over as Marketing & Data Services Manager for Bowdoin Marketing. Bob's experience in the industry makes him uniquely qualified to provide the marketing and data services that are required by our industry.

Leticia Salazar
Leticia has worked in the automotive aftermarket for ten years in Production, Sales and Marketing and Logistics.
Leticia will be helping the out with e-commerce customers and manufacture Data content, i.e., images, videos, research. She is an enthusiast for the European Automotive market and has become an avid motocross rider that she enjoys doing with her son.

John Igrisan
John has 38 years in the automotive aftermarket as a representative. He has called on all aspects of the market: wholesale distributors, retail, oil, and tool. He is covering Michigan for select accounts. He will be calling on many of the accounts that Barney called on including Auto Wares, ISN, and Vesco oil.

Bill Mahaney
Bill is a key member of our team team and we're excited to have Bill on board working with the jobbers and dealers as well as some direct accounts in Northern Indiana and SW Michigan. Bill has over 30 years of experience in the Automotive Aftermarket and worked previously at Blacksmith Distributing.

Dan Roberts
Dan comes from the retail and pharmacy wholesale business and has 35+ years of management, sales and extensive experience at retail store set up. We are thrilled to have Dan on Bowdoin TEAM and look forward to his contributions going forward.He will be working with the jobbers and dealers as well as some direct accounts in Sotherm Indiana, Southern Ohio and Kentucky.

Tina Smith
Tina is one of our newest team members and joins us with 10 years of retail sales and administrative experience. A native of Florida, Tina is an automotive enthusiast and very excited about being in the automotive aftermarket. Her current responsibilities include administrative support, social media, payroll, commissions and accounting to the Bowdoin Marketing Team. She shares a deep appreciation for all things business. We are excited to have her on the team.

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